About Us

About Us

GÖK-ER Group of Companies continues its trade activities in 3 sectors, Metal,Scrap and minerals under two trade names GÖK-ER Metaller and GÖK-ER Mineral ve Madencilik .

With its professionally experienced management staff in metal, scrap and mining sector, maintains product and service quality presented to the user at the highest level.

GÖK-ER Metaller:

GÖK-ER Metaller started importing zinc, aluminium, lead, copper, which are non ferrous metals, and distributing them at home in the year 2006. It ensures non-stop distribution of metal raw materials in various forms from the warehouses in cities of Turkey, such as Ankara, Mersin, İstanbul, Kocaeli, and supports the services by providing funds and hedging facilities to customers.

In addition to non ferrous metals, GÖK-ER Metaller is engaged in the purchase and domestic and foreign trade of out-of-use metal-copper-aluminium-stainless scrap materials from all factories manufacturing in Turkey and of 2nd quality sheet-pipe- profile products.

GÖK-ER Mineral ve Madencilik :

GÖK-ER Mineral started exporting chromium and manganese ore in the year 2009 by financing small and medium-sized mining companies. Chromium and manganese ores are purchased from miners in various parts of Turkey and stored in warehouses near majors ports such as Gemlik, İzmir, Mersin, Antalya and Trabzon. These ores are exported to People Republic of China, India and Russia.